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Live it. Learn it. Love it.

Our Young Professionals get together, share experiences and are inspired to grow their careers together, here on the M25.

The network creates an environment where they can integrate, regardless of the area of the business in which they work.

It aims to help our young people gain a greater understanding of the way we work, encouraging them to harness fresh ideas which will enhance our business, and their own careers.

We asked this year’s Chairperson, Ellie Grant, what benefits are being realised by our members. She said:

“We are creating a strong community among younger members of the business, with opportunities for career development as well as social events. We aim not only to attract people to join us, but to stay with us too.”

Members are actively involved in engaging workshops and learning sessions which provide opportunities for skill sharing and personal development in an informal and fun learning environment.

YPG wants members to feel inspired, motivated and to embrace the chance to harness fresh ideas, provide advice to their peers and consolidate their place within the Connect Plus and Connect Plus Services team.