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“Sometimes, looking back at old photos of the M25 makes you appreciate how much building bridges and motorways has changed people’s lives” says Steve Pattrick, strategic structures manager at Connect Plus Services (CPS). And with 37 years’ experience, Steve is in a strong position to reflect.

CPS has been reviewing its photo library to share via Twitter as part of Throwback Thursday and our photo this week is of the M25/J30 Interchange with the A13 shortly after the construction had been completed, around December 1982.

Steve continues: “What is interesting is that the bridge over the M25 was built but it took many years before the A13 was extended towards London, so the bridge looked abandoned when you drove towards the Dartford Tunnels.

“Development of the chalk pits on the land in the distance started during the design and construction of the QEII Bridge. The first tenants moved in around 1988, the shopping centre was opened in 1990 and is now part of the Lakeside Complex.”