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Our roadworks

We carry out the majority of our roadworks at night, when traffic flows are at their lightest. In this way, we minimise the impact of our work on your journey.

We use traffic management to provide a safe working area for our operatives. Traffic management includes:

  •       Signs
  •       Cones and lights
  •       Speed limits
  •       Narrow lanes and hard shoulder running
  •       Closures of lanes/slip roads/main carriageway
  •       Technology, such as Variable Message Signs

Click here for a list of current roadworks on the M25.

Sometimes it is necessary to have traffic management in place while materials set (or “cure”), such as concrete. This is one reason you may see cones on the road and no one physically working. Another reason is that work may be taking place out of sight, or the traffic management is protecting plant, equipment or materials.