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As part of International Women in Engineering Day, the global awareness campaign to raise the profile of women in engineering, Connect Plus Services visited the Leigh UTC and Wilmington Academy, in Dartford.

International Women in Engineering Day takes place annually on 23 June and the theme for 2019 is #TransformTheFuture. With this in mind, Abbey Featherstone (Business Improvement Lead) and Alana Murphy (Leatherhead Operations and Maintenance Manager), from CPS, and Priya Janda (Assistant Project Accountant), from Balfour Beatty, visited both schools to speak to groups of female students about the different roles women can play in our industry and how a truly diverse workforce can transform the future.

Alana said: “It’s so important to engage with young people and promote opportunities that they may have never known existed. They don’t even need to be an engineer to be part of a team making things happen in an engineering world.”

By sharing their experience, they were able to enable the pupils to make more informed decisions about which career path they may want to take.

Priya said: “This is in an effort to change perceptions and encourage young women to also consider engineering as a viable and rewarding career.”

After the group presentation, there was a chance for the students to have some informal networking conversations with Abbey, Alana and Priya, showing the students that it is important to find the right fit for them.

Abbey said: “I love construction, I love everything about the built environment and engineering. In our industry, there are so many opportunities that women don’t realise they can do. It is time to shout about it.”