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Connect Plus Services (M25) recently completed its annual two-day Highways England Lean Maturity Assessment (known as HELMA), where organisations in the Highways England supply chain can determine the extent to which they have introduced, adopted and grown the use of lean principles, methodologies, tools and techniques.

Highways England review 10 topic areas and score each of them for the lean maturity of the business using a score of up to 4. Connect Plus Services has continued its year-on-year improvement since first taking part in the assessment back in 2016 – now scoring 3.1 out of 4.

The business has made continual and steady progress and, during the assessment, Highways England offered positive feedback on several areas of continued good practice and offered guidance on potential areas for focus going forward.

Matt Stedman, Business Efficiency Manager at Connect Plus Services, said: “We are delighted to have been awarded a score of 3.1, which showcases the progress we have made in a relatively short period of time. This assessment has provided us with both positive feedback and a renewed focus on what we need to achieve in the coming months to keep up the momentum.

“Operating as a lean business is a core focus and by using ‘lean’ tools and techniques we can really drive business efficiencies to operate and maintain the M25 network to the highest standard.”