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Connect Plus Services is celebrating this year’s International Women in Engineering Day with a variety of activities taking place across the business.

The annual national awareness day provides the opportunity for businesses to celebrate their year-round commitment to raising the profile of women in engineering and the career opportunities available in the sector.

Today saw three inspirational women from Connect Plus Services join forces with Longfield Academy, in Kent, to engage the next generation of women as they begin to make important decisions on their future career paths.

Hooi Lee, Senior Structures Engineer, Kelly Butterworth, Planner, and Cintia Bailey, Communications Business Partner, discussed their route into the industry, explained the importance of having a diverse workforce, and opened the floor to questions. The young women were particularly interested to understand more about the PPE requirements and a typical day in the life of an engineer.

Activities will continue across the business over the coming days as Connect Plus Services continues to engage and inspire the workforce.