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When the Considerate Constructors Scheme (CCS) visits one of our depots, the monitor assesses our commitment to the Code of Considerate Conduct, specifically the areas of Appearance, Community, Environment, Safety and Workforce.

In March, CCS re-visited Swanley and Denham and, once again, both depots received excellent and exceptional scores. 

In Swanley, the monitor noted that there is a consistent commitment to engage the entire workforce in social activities and to promote both safety and environmental practices. "This level of commitment demonstrates the all-embracing support given towards considerate practice".

In Denham, it was reported that the depot is complying with the very highest standards of industry good practice and aims of the scheme. "The comprehensive and well-maintained welfare facilities remain in place; they continue to be well stocked and almost sparkle".

Well done to the teams for your efforts in improving the image of construction.