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Leatherhead welcomed back Considerate Constructor Scheme monitor Paul in December, for his seventh visit to the Surrey-based depot.

In a recent report, Paul scored the depot an impressive 43 (of 50), which sees Leatherhead retain its Performance Beyond Compliance rating.

As always, the depot was assessed for its performance against the Code of Considerate Construction: Care about Appearance; Respect the Community; Protect the Environment; Secure everyone’s Safety and; Value their Workforce.

A score of eight demonstrates performing to an excellent standard well beyond the minimum requirements of the Scheme’s Code of Considerate Practice.

Leatherhead has scored eight in both Appearance and Workforce category, with the monitor noting how the business promotes “a positive industry image” through its unobtrusive appearance and social media presence and commending the approach to supporting an increasingly diverse workforce.

A score of nine is awarded when a company is “at the forefront of industry best practice demonstrating the very highest level of achievement far above the minimum standards required by the Scheme’s Code, addressing all applicable areas of the Checklist to the very highest standards.” Leatherhead has achieved this Exceptional score for Environment, Community and Safety, and Paul summarised his visit saying “the depot continues to impress with its thoughtful approach to continually improving performance.”

Depot manager, Alana Murphy, is understandably delighted with her scoring.

“This is the second visit from the Considerate Constructor Scheme that I have hosted, and I’m delighted that the improvements we have made have been recognised. This score is a credit to everyone here at Leatherhead, and from the wider business, who have worked so hard to achieve it.

“Thank you Paul, and the CCS, for your continued support – I look forward to welcoming you back to see the further improvements we will make over the coming months, to demonstrate our commitment to being a considerate constructor.”