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One of our values is Customer Focus.

“We listen and respond to our customers to clearly understand their expectations and are flexible to meet their needs. We act with integrity sand demonstrate that we are a business to be trusted.”

Here are a few examples of our exceptional customer service.

“We always expect the unexpected, as you never know what you will come across or be called to and we are always ready.”

ISU operatives Luke and Jeff were at the forefront of delivering excellent customer service.

“May Bank Holiday weekend started in its usual British style… a downpour! But out on the network, nothing could dampen our spirits.

“We were called to an incident on the M25 when a couple had been driving on the network, when the lady’s waters broke. Her husband pulled onto the hard shoulder and called 999.

“East England Ambulance attended, but the lady’s labour was too advanced to take her to hospital, so the baby was delivered in the back of the ambulance.

“To ensure everyone’s safety we implemented a lane 1 closure, and parked our IPV (impact protection vehicle) behind the ambulance to provide protection.

“This left the expectant parents and the paramedics to concentrate on the safe delivery of the baby. We believe that Dominic George, who was born on the clockwise M25 between junctions 21a and 22, is the first baby to be actually born on the M25.

“This incident and experience left us, and the team in the control room, feeling great and in high spirits.

“A message from the new father said: “We are so grateful for all they did for us that evening, both in creating a safe space for us and being very friendly and reassuring when they arrived at the scene.  They did a great job with helping create a very interesting family story for a long time to come!”

“Honesty is always the best policy”

In May, Leatherhead maintenance operatives Hugo, Steve and Mark were alerted to several large bags close to their base depot.

“We were notified that there were five large bags on our network – we never know what we’re going to find when we get out there, so we always approach with caution.

“We discovered that the bags contained a laptop, and DJ equipment. We knew that the owner would be devastated at the loss of this expensive kit.

“When we returned to Leatherhead Depot with the equipment, we were able to look for identification within the bags, and found the contact details for the owner. That meant we were able to reunite him with the equipment, for which he was most grateful!”

“What an excellent face of the company these two gentlemen are.”

We received the following email from a member of the public about incident support operatives Steve and Jamie, from our Swanley depot. We couldn’t put it better ourselves…

“Dear Sirs

“I would like to pass on my thanks to the two Connect Plus Services employees who helped me during the evening of 18 July 2017. I broke down at around 9pm travelling anti-clockwise between junctions 5 and 4 of the M25.

“Two Connect Plus Services employees stopped to make sure that I was all right and to find out whether I needed any help. They did this despite being on their way back to their depot and the stretch of road on which I had broken down not being their responsibility.

“They stayed with me throughout my wait for a recovery truck providing support and shelter to me, my five month old twins and my dogs (as we couldn’t remain in our car as it was in an unsafe location). I would very much like to say thank you and to feedback to their boss what an excellent face of the company these two gentlemen were.

“Unfortunately I did not get their names. I recall that they were working their third night of a four night shift, and usually cover the area which included the junction with the A23 (and I believe round to junction 8)  and one of them was an ex-police dog handler.

“I really cannot speak highly enough of these two men. I was incredibly worried about the safety of my two very young babies and it was so reassuring to have a highly visible Highways lorry with me to help alert other drivers of our presence. They turned what might have been a horribly stressful and worrying night into one which I recount with gratitude. Thank you to your organisation and to these two individuals.

Yours faithfully Nicola W”

“Think like our customers, so we can understand and meet their expectations.”

Lots of us here at Connect Plus Services are parents, as well as drivers. With summer getaways on the horizon, we shared some of our car games through social media, helping drivers keep their travellers occupied, and helping them to concentrate on their journeys.

Spot the Yellow Car

I Spy

Road Word Map

Car Badge Bingo

Road Trip Bingo

“The “feel good factor” is immeasurable.”

Adopt a School is part of our corporate responsibility programme, working with local schools to forge strong relationships with them, and leave a legacy.

Each of our 7 depots has adopted a school, chosen by our people, close to one of our offices or depots. Many of the schools are chosen because of children or grandchildren that attend, or other existing relationships.

We provide educative materials, and spend time educating the children on road safety, wildlife and litter management as well as provide the school with building and engineering related projects that support school curricula.

This year, we’ve capitalised on industry campaigns to create opportunities to work with the schools – Women in Engineering day, and STEM among them. In 2016, we invited the schools to help name our winter service fleet too.

We’ve carried out build projects, such as creating play areas, ponds, play equipment and garden furniture. There is something going on throughout the year in at least one of our schools, and the benefits for the business in the “feel good factor” is immeasurable.

“Great customer service is about demonstrating our application of being a considerate constructor.”

In 2016, the Considerate Constructors Scheme recognised Connect Plus Services as Most Considerate Company in the £10m and over category of its 2016 National Awards, scoping two Gold awards at the ceremony.

The awards recognise everything we do to celebrate and promote the outstanding levels of consideration that contribute towards improving the image of the industry.

“This company’s evident enthusiasm for considerate construction is helping to raise the bar for the entire industry.”

The CCS recognised how our “enthusiastic team is constantly striving to improve its considerate performance” and that “continual refinement of depot and site safety is just part of this ongoing aim.

“We are open and honest with our customers.”

Since contract commencement, the customer service team has responded to 100% of customer enquiries within 10 working days. The team processes an average of 225 customer enquiries and complaints each month, via Highways England’s Customer Contact Centre (HECCC) in Birmingham: the highest number of requests received in a month since the contract began in 2009 is 395.

Wherever possible, and subject to a customer’s individual agreement, our team strives to obtain a telephone number so that they can speak to the customer. This has myriad benefits: a relationship is established with the customer; return correspondence is minimised as any additional queries are answered at source; the response time is shortened, demonstrating our customer service focus.

April’s Customer Insight Survey results were the highest Customer Satisfaction score so far – 94.44%.