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Connect Plus Services was delighted to take part in a panel last week at The Leigh UTC in Dartford.

The panel supported a number of Year 13 students undertaking their extended project qualifications (EPQ). These students were looking for industry support as some are keen to choose civil engineering for their careers.

CPS colleagues Ken Whyte, Juliet Umeibekwe and Cintia Bailey attended the full day event. They were really impressed by the students’ projects, which included a wind turbine animation, an electric skateboard and a handmade electric guitar.


Juliet said: Amazed at the level of talent and skills on display from future young engineers. Highly confident and intelligent students. It was a rewarding day.

Ken said: The day was an insight into some of the outstanding qualities of our future leadership. Wow – knowledge, confidence and ambition all beautifully lumped together in these presentations.

Louisa Felstead, business partnerships manager at The Leigh UTC, said: The participation of industry professionals provides our students with such a useful opportunity to present their work to those who are employed within the outside world of work and helps them in so many ways to practice real life skills in preparation for their futures.