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Our Leatherhead depot in Surrey welcomed back Considerate Constructor Scheme earlier this month. It was the fifth consecutive visit for monitor Paul.

CCS had specifically requested that the visit focussed on our local community engagement. We were delighted to send one of our resident CCS champions, Marie, to explain our approach to communication and social responsibility.

Paul commented: “Respect for the community is exceptional” and our score reflects the “variety of community and charitable activities being undertaken at both company and depot level.”

Exceptional scores were also received for our approach to Protecting the Environment and Securing everyone’s Safety, noting that our robust systems drive continual improvement.

Care about Appearance was excellent, providing an “unobtrusive but positive image”, as was our score for Value their Workforce.

Paul finished his report by thanking Adam, Marie and Rebecca for their “time, systematic explanation and consideration during the visit.”

Congratulations to the Leatherhead team for another brilliant score.