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This month Connect Plus Services (CPS) took delivery of four brand new Incident Support Unit (ISU) vehicles, designed especially for use on the M25 network.

The vehicles – known as ‘Super ISUs’ – will be brought in to support our fleet of regular ISU vehicles at Leatherhead, Swanley, Blunts Farm and Denham depots.


CPS worked with specialist traffic management vehicle equipment provider Acklea to produce the vehicles, following their recent success in helping re-design our fleet of traffic management vehicles.

Key features of the new vehicles include:

  • Remote controlled 360 degree task lighting
  • CCTV on all sides of the vehicle
  • Communication links between cab and bed of the vehicle
  • Improved vehicle access points
  • Safer storage facilities

The vehicles are also fitted with an onboard Fuel Safe storage tank and application system. Fuel Safe is a specialist product which can be applied to a road surface following a diesel spillage.  It’s is used most frequently when responding to vehicle collisions where diesel tanks have ruptured, causing leaks onto the carriageway.

Using Fuel Safe prevents diesel from breaking down the bitumen binder in tarmac – thus preserving the carriageway surface and avoiding the need to resurface.  Use of the product removes all diesel and oil residue, leaving a clean and safe non-slip surface.

Previously, our ISU operatives have carried knapsack sprayers with Fuel Safe, but these vehicle-mounted distribution tanks now enable crews to deploy up to 1000 litres of the product at one time, making its use more likely to be successful. This will reduce the impact that diesel spillage incidents have on the M25 network, minimising the amount of time spent on resurfacing sections of damaged road.

James Irwin Service Delivery Manager for Connect Plus Services said: “These bespoke vehicles will enable our crews to respond to diesel spillages more effectively and more safely, helping to reduce the impact that these incidents have on the road users of the M25 network”.