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Connect Plus Services has received a 2016 AXIAM Award at the AgileAssets International Users Conference (IUC) in Austin, Texas.

CPS received an Honourable Mention for its asset management system (AMS-IT).

With thousands of assets (roads, bridges, signs, culverts, etc.) across its 440km network, the tool supports data collection, collating it into a custom-made dashboard from where engineers and managers can perform advanced calculations of the consequence of different approaches – the “what-if scenarios”.

These scenarios consider traffic intensity, environmental impact and the safety of road workers and users. The scenarios allow CPS to invest wisely and deploy the right work plans at the right times, predicting the needs of the infrastructure through a decision support tool (DST).

Brian Johns, Managing Director at Connect Plus Services says: “The value bound in the infrastructure we manage is immense and huge investments are needed to achieve the best possible results.

“We have the ability and specialisation to perform all aspects of infrastructure operations but we can always get smarter and more efficient, to the benefit of our stakeholders and to the benefit of the daily commuter. Incorporating the new decision support tools into our management procedures helps us achieve this.

“We try to collate financial, practical and strategic issues into one systematic approach. The long-term contract we have with Highways England provides us with an opportunity to plan ahead and make vital decisions on when and where to replace assets.”

We were recognised for our innovative and exemplary implementation of a fully operational road management system, providing rich functionality around inventory management, inspections workflow, condition scoring and work order management.”

Key achievements include:

  • Developing a safety access feature to log access issues, which can be used by operations and maintenance, inspection and works teams over the 30-year contract period to reduce the risk of accidents
  • Creating a live condition-reporting dashboard, removing the need to dedicate resources to manual calculations every two years
  • Developing an automated feature to produce a pavement monthly condition report linked to one of the project‘s most critical financial risks
  • Producing a detailed 30-year work plan, optimising the overall expenditure for the management of 40,000 pavement assets
  • Establishing a multi-disciplinary team across the business.

Brian concludes: “A significant investment into this system by Connect Plus Services is enabling our expert team to perform advanced analysis, produce work plans and visualisations of the road condition, years before wear and tear calls for the repair teams to go into action. This allows us to keep the roads open and to meet our customers’ expectations.”