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We have the complex task of maintaining one of Europe’s busiest motorways, while ensuring the sustainability of native plant, animal and bird species that live next to the road.

We use ArcGIS, a geographic information system (GIS) for working with maps and geographic information. We can now better protect the natural environment and, at the same time, operate more efficiently.

Jennifer Banks, GIS specialist and environmental assistant, has been instrumental in the implementation and use of this critical tool at Connect Plus Services.

She says “We use a collector app to to collate environmental data and complete inspections 25% quicker than before, which is loaded into ArcGIS.

“The system can perform complex analyses of parcels of land adjacent to our network and produce insightful environmental impact reports. This helps us ensure that the ongoing maintenance of the M25 has minimal adverse impacts on the environment.”

We have worked with ArcGIS platform developers Esri to produce a case study on our work, which is available here.