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Our Scratchwood depot has increased its Considerate Constructor Scheme score, following a visit from its monitor last week.

Scratchwood’s operations and maintenance manager, Shaun, is delighted with the results. He said:

“The team has worked hard to implement some of the suggestions that were made at the last CCS visit. All that work has been recognised, which is extremely rewarding.”

Our score for Appearance increased and was deemed “Exceptional”, with the monitor noting how the operational teams have taken responsibility and accountability for their areas.

Community scored higher during this visit, achieving “Excellent” and taking its place alongside our “Excellent” scores for Workforce and Environment.

Our other improved score came in the category of Safety. The monitor reported the “total and exceptional” attitude to continuous safety improvements at CPS, adding “you sense this as soon as you come through the gates”.

The monitor concluded he “could sense a feeling of change and improvement” that was confirmed by the positive feedback he received from the members of the team he was able to meet.

Shaun, whose second depot at Denham also scored highly during a recent visit from the CCS, is very happy with the glowing report.

Well done to Shaun and the team!