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We have recently installed an electric vehicle charging point at our Dartford depot, to enable the Highways England Traffic Officer Service to trial a brand new Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV).

The vehicle – a Mitsubishi Outlander – uses a combination of electricity and petrol and achieves an impression 152 miles per gallon!

It has been loaned to Highways England by Mitsubishi and can be charged on-site, thanks to the efforts of our electronics and maintenance team.

Rebecca Gysin, our sustainability manager says: “CPS and Highways England are committed to reducing our impact on the environment. We are working together, towards a network that will be smarter and more sustainable in the future.

Our goals are fully aligned with the Highways England Delivery Plan and the strategic outcome of ‘Improved Environment’. The outcome of this trial at Dartford will help us move forward with the right decisions.”

Electric vehicle technology offers a cleaner alternative to the traditional combustion engine. It also delivers a positive impact on air pollution and a reduction in carbon emissions.

The trial at Dartford will last six months and if it’s successful, could mean that these eco-friendly vehicles will be rolled out to Highways England depots across the country.