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Our Denham depot in Uxbridge received a return visit from the Considerate Constructor Scheme at the beginning of the month and our depot manager Shaun was delighted to welcome them back.

Typically, our sites receive two visits every year. Monitors assess our commitment to the Code of Considerate Conduct, specifically the areas of Appearance, Community, Environment, Safety and Workforce.

During the visit, our monitor noted that the “overall appearance of the offices, facilities, material storage, vehicles and equipment is of the highest standards and demonstrates excellent levels of industry practice and Shaun’s commitment to meeting the vast majority of the aims of the Scheme.”

Our ongoing efforts to tackle litter on the local section of the network, and our environmental approach led the monitor to say: “the [litter] situation has dramatically improved and resulted in compliments. I feel special note should be given to the positive and well publicised commitment and achievements that the Company gives to environmental issues, particularly in respect of target setting and… reporting.”

We received “Excellent” scores for Appearance, Community and Workforce with Safety and Environment achieving “Exceptional” scores.

Asked how he felt about the scores, depot manager Shaun said, “Simply, I’m delighted!”

So are we Shaun, congratulations to the Denham team!