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Our Incident Support Unit (ISU) operatives are undertaking NVQs in Highway Maintenance (Level 2), as part of their continual development. The NVQ is an investment we are making in our ISU operatives and all holders will qualify for a ‘Skilled Worker’ (Blue) CSCS Card.

ISU operatives are based at depots around the network and provide a front-line response service on our road network, dealing with incidents, removing hazards and undertaking repairs to keep the road open to traffic and flowing freely.

In the last quarter of 2015, we launched an NVQ Programme in collaboration with Balfour Beatty and the Training Company ‘Upskill’.

The requirement for the qualification has been matched to the ISU role and candidates are asked to produce evidence of competency to an external assessor, in this instance, Frank Dunne from Upskill.

Frank commented: “NVQ assessments at Swanley have gone brilliantly, a great team, highly skilled and on top of their game!”

Swanley is the first of our depots to have ISUs inducted into the NVQ.  All candidates at Swanley have completed their qualification and NVQ Certificates are being awarded.

NVQs will be awarded to other ISU operatives as soon as portfolios have been completed and successfully assessed. Follow-up assessment dates have been agreed at each of the depots for registered candidates.

If you are interested in joining the M25 team, please visit our Opportunities page to view our current vacancy list.