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Connect Plus Services runs a staff incentive scheme that recognizes the achievements and contributions of its staff in support of our business objectives and core values.

Under the scheme, winners can choose between £50 personal reward in the form of vouchers, or a donation to a charity of their choice, match funded by the business, totaling £100.

In May, four members of our Swanley team chose to donate their personal rewards to charity. Their chosen charity is Ward 5 at the Evelina Hospital in London, part of Guys and St Thomas’ hospital.

Their match-funded donation of £400 has been added to proceeds from a recent Golf Day, meaning a total of £500 to the charity.

Swanley welcomed Ben Collins today (Wednesday 14 October) to receive the donation on behalf of the hospital and meet the family that means Evelina is so dear to our hearts.

Swanley’s soft estate manager, Gary Lewis, has twin boys who have spent much of their young lives at Evelina.

Thomas and Harry are immensely courageous twins born at 31 weeks facing very different challenges.

Thomas has a congenital malformation of his lower legs called bilateral fibular hemimelia, which has meant that he has been unable to sit, stand and mobilise like many other children of his age. This led to him undergo Symes amputation of both lower legs to enable him to begin to develop his mobility and allow him to do all the things any other cheeky 16 month old wants to do.

Harry was born with a very low birthweight of just 630g due to complications of pregnancy. He was born with an extra blood vessel supplying his heart which will have to be corrected in the very near future.

At 6 weeks of age, Harry developed a life threatening infection of the bowel called necrotising enterocolitis (or NEC), which meant that bacteria were literally eating away at his bowel. Harry survived this infection against all the odds and has had to endure over 10 surgical procedures to enable him to have a very tiny portion of functioning bowel.

He spent his first 15 months of life in the Evelina children’s hospital and constantly amazed all who met him with his strength and determination with each hurdle he faced….. He may be tiny, but he is certainly mighty!

Thomas and Harry have an amazing big brother James who is their very own super hero. He has faced so much change over the past 18 months, but his cheeky smile has never left him.

Gary and his family have already endured a tremendous amount, and have so much more to go through. They remain positive and united as a family, with impressive dedication and stoicism.