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On Monday, staff at our Dartford depot joined with Gurkha Security Services to commemorate 200 years of the United Kingdom’s Brigade of Gurkhas of outstanding service and loyalty to the Crown.

We were privileged to welcome the Director and Operations Managers of Gurkha Security Services (GSS) to our afternoon tea, catered for by CPS staff.

CPS enlisted the help from GSS to manage security around the network for the 2012 Olympics. Since then, the Gurkhas have worked with us on a number of different security assignments. These have included 24/7 security at Dartford, the QEII Bridge Maurer joint replacements and Dart Charge, as well as other security support elsewhere on the M25 network.

The Director of GSS cut a commemorative cake baked especially for the occasion by one talented staff member.

He said “This was a lovely surprise and our hearts are touched by your thoughtfulness.”

Since its formation, Gurkhas have conducted themselves with distinction in numerous conflicts alongside their British colleagues. Click here for more information about the Gurkha Bicentenary and here for information about the work carried out by the Gurkha Welfare Trust.