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The Global Corporate Challenge (GCC) is the world’s largest and most exciting workplace health and performance programme with independently proven results.

The Global Corporate Challenge invites hundreds of thousands of employees around the world to compete in teams of seven which takes them on a journey that will increase their physical activity levels. The challenge is to see how far around the (virtual) world you could walk in 100 days.

Our team of seven, the Orbital Walkers, not only beat the daily 10,000 step recommendation, but went over and above, taking advantage of swimming and bike riding to increase their daily step count.

The team walked 3,188 miles over 100 days. We asked them how they found it.

“To beat my step record I went for a 75km bike ride (…and then slept for 11 hours that night)!” – Hayley

“The highlight of the challenge for me was completing the three peaks – I walked over 80,000 steps!” – Laura

“The increased levels of activity have improved my general well being – small but noticeable benefits to my mind, body and soul! Since finishing the challenge I question my activity levels on a daily basis.  Days where I’ve been particularly sedentary (sat at my desk rather than being on site) I will make a concerted effort to exercise or go out for a walk once home from work.” – Will

“My sister-in-law has also taken part in this challenge from Atkins Dubai, which inspired some healthy competition! Not only did we beat her team, but the challenge gave me the motivation to join the gym again which has improved my fitness, reduced my stress levels and my quality of sleep is much better” – Jen

Congratulations to our team of seven; footsore, weary but elated at their success.