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With access to the 478 Highways England cameras and specialist heat-map sensors across the road network, our control room is able to identify and assess incidents quickly. GPS tracking systems on our fleet of operational vehicles ensures resource is deployed efficiently.

The majority of incidents are cleared at our primary response, by our Incident Support Units (ISU). Some larger incidents which are more protracted or require greater intervention before the road can be reopened safely to traffic, may require additional support, known in our industry as secondary response.

We have introduced Emergency Response Teams (ERT), multi-skilled operatives who can cover the majority of the demands required during a secondary response call on our network.

With two teams mobilised and operating 24/7, one based in Denham, the other based in Swanley, the teams are spread appropriately to provide support to primary response crews across the whole network. This means we are able to respond to incidents quickly and effectively to keep traffic flowing on this busy road.

  • 250 miles long
  • 33 junctions
  • 7 depots