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New management tool for M25 to ensure value for money

Millions of pounds are spent annually on providing safety and mobility to users of road assets. The task of providing the right level of service without interrupting traffic flow, while keeping costs under control, is not simple. In fact, asset management is a complex discipline that requires both engineering know-how and financial skills. To meet this challenge, Connect Plus Services has recently acquired a new software tool from the American company AgileAssets Inc.

Brian Johns, Managing Director at Connect Plus Services said “I am excited about incorporating the new decision support tools into our management procedures. The value bound in the infrastructure we manage is immense and huge investments are needed to achieve the best possible results. CPS has the ability and specialist expertise to perform all aspects of infrastructure operations but we can always get smarter and more efficient, to the benefit of our stakeholders and to the benefit of the daily commuter.”

“We try to collate financial, practical and strategic issues into one systematic approach. The long-term contract we have with Highways England provides us with an opportunity to plan ahead and make vital decisions on when and where to replace assets. A significant investment into this new system by Connect Plus Services enables our expert team to perform advanced analysis, produce work plans and visualisations of the road condition, years before wear and tear calls for the repair teams to go into action. This allows us to keep the roads open and to meet our customers’ expectations.”

The software tool collates data from the thousands of assets across the M25 (eg roads, bridges, signs, culverts) in a custom-made dashboard, from which engineers and managers can perform advanced calculations of the consequences of different approaches – the so-called “what-if” scenarios. The scenarios allow CPS to schedule the right works, in the right place, at the right time, delivering the right solution for our customers.

  • 15,000 lighting columns
  • 33 junctions
  • 234 bridges