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25 July 2017

If you looked back on your career, what would you want to be your legacy?

Safety is our priority, and always will be. Inevitably, there’s a requirement to satisfy shareholders and customers and the bottom line. When I took over as MD of CPS in 2014, I wanted to make a difference for the people in the business too. There’s more than 600 working in Connect Plus Services and we’re all unique. Every one of us has different ideas and who wouldn’t want the opportunity to see them happen?

Yesterday, one of my ideas did happen. It was the inaugural meeting of our staff forum – more than 20 people attended, representing every area of this diverse business that keeps the M25 moving. We hadn’t met as a group of peers before, but it was a great meeting: everyone was enthusiastic and committed, both of which are key to the group’s success. We’ve agreed roles within the forum, and we have a name – CPS Voice. I can’t think of one that’s more appropriate – through this group, every member of the M25 team will have a chance to make suggestions and provide feedback, make a difference. It’s a culture thing, more than just bringing issues and ideas to the table – it’s about making a change that will support our aim of making CPS an even greater place to work.

So, CPS Voice may have stemmed from an idea I had, but it’s the people in the group, their efforts, and the ideas they’re bringing from the business that are making it happen. Everyone has the opportunity to contribute to the future of CPS, and I’m looking forward to working with this group to help other ideas happen.