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Imagine a world where you were never late; where there were no traffic jams, queues or accidents; where you travelled with ease and were spared thoughts of frustration and annoyance.

Imagine having the power to make it happen; imagine being part of the change; imagine being about to say “I helped do that”.

At Connect Plus Services, our people have the skills, the ability and the drive to do something extraordinary. The future of the M25 is in our hands and we are going to change it.

We are driving the future.

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  • Investment

  • Network Management

  • Construction

  • Design

  • Maintenance

  • New Technology

Putting safety first

Continually making our road users feel safer year on year.

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Latest News

June 29, 2016

Mapping our way to sustainability

We are using a critical tool to ensure that our ongoing maintenance of the M25 has minimal adverse impacts on the environment